Feature Focus

July 4, 2011

One of the important SVSlope® 3D beta tester requests was the implementation of moving wedges in an analysis. In previous versions of SVSlope, a single wedge could be entered and analyzed. A wedge in SVSlope 3D is similar to a block failure in SVSlope 2D. In SVSlope 2D, a variety of block trial slip surfaces can be analyzed by specifying grids of hinge points as shown here:

Figure 1: Analysis of a typical 2D block failure model with multiple trial slip surfaces

In a 3D analysis, a block failure becomes a failure wedge as shown below:

Figure 2: Example of a 3D wedge failure

Figure 3: Dialog to specify wedge failure planes

Based on feedback from our beta testers, our engineers designed a new moving wedge dialog which allows the input of multiple trial planes for each side of the wedge failure. Multiple variations can be analyzed by specifying a minimum, maximum and number of increments for each trial plane:

Figure 4: Dialog to specify wedge sliding surfaces

If you would like more information on this feature, feel free to contact us directly or to download the student version of our software and try it out!

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