Feature Focus

September 30, 2011

Based on feedback from customers, the SVOffice™ 2009 Manager has been tweaked and simplified to make it easier to use. Commonly-used features now have their own icons, and a new advanced searching feature replaces the hard-to-understand filtering system.

The SVOffice™ 2009 Manager interface

New buttons for common Project operations and Model operations, with tooltips, list all of the common user operations. Creating a new SVFlux™ model, for example, can now be done with a single click. A text search box at the bottom of the screen adds the ability to quickly search for a model by its name, description, keyword or type. Text can be mixed and matched, so the phrase 2d "earth dam" will only match 2D models with the words "earth dam", in that order, in the name, description, or keyword field.

Advanced search options

Or additional search options, the Advanced Find option provides more refinement. Searching by application, authorization type and category are all included (similar to the original system). A smart dropdown list shows the results of the search in one place, allowing the user to select the model immediately.

Overall, the changes are subtle, but it is part of our ongoing effort to make SVOffice™ 2009 the easiest-to-use geotechnical software package available!

Please contact us directly for more information on this feature, or feel free to download the student version of our software and try it out!

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