Feature Focus

October 24, 2011

Building useful three-dimensional models can be daunting, especially to new users. This is why an extrusion feature to create a 3D model from an existing 2D model was developed. However, there is a class of models that can be described as a series of parallel cross-sections where each cross-section is unique. This type of data is very common and easy to understand. Therefore, a new import type has been added to generate 3D geometry directly from a series of cross-sections input into the software. This feature is available for all existing users of any of the SVOffice 3D products.

This powerful new feature gives users an entirely new way to create 3D geometry quickly. Error checking is automatic, informing users of errors in their input while they type. All data is saved with the model, providing the ability to regenerate the geometry multiple times before commiting to a final design. A preview option ensures that each cross-section is accurate.

Sample model generated from three parallel cross-sections

To access this new feature, use the following steps:

  • Open or create a 3D model,
  • Select Model > Geometry > Import > From Cross-Sectional Data...,
  • Select the slicing direction and number of surfaces,
  • Input the X-Z coordinate polyline corresponding to each surface,
  • Preview and/or generate the results. The new geometry will be created and displayed on the screen.

Refer to the user's manual or online help for additional information on this feature, which includes a working example.

Please contact us directly for more information on this feature, or feel free to download the student version of our software and try it out!

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