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February 8, 2013

As we reflect on 2012 I am pleased to say that this was a year of growth and success for SoilVision Systems Ltd. Our success would not be possible without our faithful customers of whom we would like to thank. Our team of developers has worked very hard this past year to apply our 'Continuous Innovation" principle to add value to our package and make SVOFFICE™the premium 1D/2D/3D geotechnical software suite available.

"Continuous Innovation" is at the core of what we do here at SoilVision Systems Ltd. and we strive daily to respond promptly to our customer's requests and needs and to advance the application of scientific research into geo-engineering practices.

Murray Fredlund, President
SoilVision Systems Ltd.

The SVOFFICE suite has been continuously evolving based on feedback from consultants. The feedback from our customers continues to be encouraging. The software continues to see adoption by larger multi-national geotechnical consulting firms.

Hundreds of improvements have been made to the software in 2012 but the following features have been the most important new features launched in 2012. Our developers have retained an excitement in adding these new features for customers:


  • Improved documentation for probabilistic and spatial variability distribution functions
  • Daily precipitation entry now allows zero intensity to be entered
  • Review by Pressure boundary condition added for 1D SVFlux models


  • Added new 3D SVSlope tutorial
  • Added Anisotropic Linear Model ( ALM1) and Modified Anisotropic Linear Model ( ALM2) analysis methods

SVOffice - General

  • New Cauchy (third type) boundary conditions now available
  • SVOffice user interface now supports higher DPI resolutions
  • New option to show or hide the angle/ratio drawing label
  • Initial conditionsfor an empty region are now allowed when entering initial conditions per region
  • Global Offsetfeature now updates river, tunnel, and well coordinates
  • Improved speed of loading of models into AcuMesh with large transient data sets
  • Cross-sectional input dialog now creates all necessary regions in addition to the surfaces
  • Users can now "subscribe" to a public model database, allowing them to select a specific sub-set of the available public models (instead of downloading everything)
  • Spatial variability now supports certain combinations of unsaturated materials
  • New option to copy all files in the model folder when moving to a different project

In addition to the specific features added to the package there was also the additional hires made to the SoilVision Systems Ltd. staff to accommodate our growing user base. Our support system for customers continues to ensure fast response to customer issues.

We have enjoyed traveling the world to meet with you, our customers and 2013 will see an increase in our travel plans.

SoilVision Systems Ltd. continues to be active in consulting related to the running of advanced numerical models for clients. Work on this front increased in 2012 and we continue to hire new individuals to meet the growing demand.

Looking forward we expect to see interesting and significant new features being released in 2013. We appreciate your feedback and are striving to improve our services in the coming year!

Best regards,
Murray Fredlund, President/CEO
SoilVision Systems Ltd.


Peter Brett Associates have been looking to update our existing slope stability software over the last year. After extensive research and trials, SVSlope developed by SoilVision Systems Ltd, was found to meet all our existing and future design requirements. Its ease of use for modelling simple as well as complex geological and geometrical problems was a critical factor in our assessment as well as the incorporation of design to the Eurocodes. Their customer support has been faultless and their willingness to develop the software to meet our own specific design requirements is a most gratifying added bonus.

We love the fact that SVSlope is part of an integrated suite of software and that, if required, 3D analysis can be undertaken. We would recommend this product to other geotechnical consulting firms.

Asmi Desai, Principal Engineer, Peter Brett Associates LLP

With every new piece of software there is always a learning curve. While I was learning to use SVHeat, SoilVision was there every step of the way to help me through hurdles I encountered. When I needed a change or an improvement in the software, the development team responded promptly to my requests and made changes with impressive speed. SoilVision's SVHEAT has proved itself be an invaluable tool for designing structures in arctic conditions and permafrost soils. Predicting the results of a changed thermal regime allows us to design stable long term structures for our clients. SVHeat's excellent graphical and 3-dimensional output encourages an intuitive understanding of the dynamics involved. I would recommend the SVHeat software and SoilVision's support to anyone.

Torsten Mayrberger, Ph.D. Geotechnical Engineer, PND Engineers, Inc., Alaska

We have been using SVSlope and SVFlux for the past year and have found them to be efficient and productive engineering tools which have allowed us to offer our services in an efficient manner. The capability of automated increased discretization of the mesh is an absolute benefit to our modeling, reducing time and effort. We have found the software quick and easy for our engineers to train and utilize. I would recommend this product to other geotechnical consulting firms.

Barry L. Carlson, P.E., President, InTerraLogic

I used the climatic coupling of the SVFlux software in my research and the software's abilities were central to the completion of the numerical modeling aspect of my program. I particularly found the flexibility offered by SVFlux and the responsiveness of the technical team at SoilVision to my inquiries extremely helpful. I would recommend this software to anyone else integrating seepage modeling with climatic coupling.

Adedeji Dunmola, Extraction and Tailings Technology Development Specialist, Shell Canada Limited

I'm very pleased with the software. It is stable, versatile, and fast, and so far has responded to my demands. Well worth the investment.

Matt Wickham
Senior Hydrologist, Golder Associates

We found the response time regarding implementation of the new boundary condition feature impressive. The software has subsequently been utilized on various projects within AMEC including dry stack and traditional tailing storage facility design, as well as numerous closure cover systems. The comprehensive climatic and material characteristic relationships and CAD interface have been instrumental in reducing both modeling time and cost.

Justin Hall, P.Eng., Senior Engineer, AMEC Earth & Environmental

The SVFlux software has provided a stable and productive environment by which we have been able to quickly apply unsaturated flow numerical models and further develop this area of our business.

Albert van Zyl
Golder Associates, South Africa

Modelling can be time consuming but SVHeat improved our efficiency by allowing us to use AutoCAD™ drawings and automatic mesh generation while managing the input data through a database.

Michel Noël, M.Sc.A., P.Eng.
Senior Engineer, GeoEnvironmental Engineering
SRK Consulting Ltd.

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