Feature Focus

Figure 1: Screenshot of “Arrow” Art Object Properties dialogue.

Adding artwork to a numerical model has been greatly improved and updated in the software. This significantly enhances the ability of the end user to add artwork descriptions to either the front-end model creation or the ACUMESH™ results. The artwork is also incorporated into the existing high-quality PDF export feature already present in the software. The enhancements to artwork include the following specific features:

    • New dialogs:New dialogs have been added to allow the management of artwork data. Coordinate points for all artwork objects can now be accessed by double-clicking on a particular object. Artwork objects can be re-drawn or the coordinate points edited on the keyboard.

    • New dimension object:This object allows the user to either measure the distance between two points or add a dimension object to label a specific distance. The art object works with existing snapping options in order to allow users to snap to specific object node points.

  • Improved 3D artwork objects:3D artwork may be added to “planes” in the 3D model. Therefore artwork can now be drawn on any 2D plane and then visualized in 3D. The design also groups art objects onto planes and entire planes may be translated and rotated together. This improved design greatly simplifies the drawing of artwork on 3D numerical models.

Figure 2: Screenshot of new “Dimension” Art Object


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