Feature Focus

Data Mining is the process of discovering patterns in large data sets. In SVSOILS™, this method has been used to estimate the soil-water characteristic curve (SWCC). The traditional SWCC estimation methods mostly are dependent on the known soil properties, such as grain-size, void ratio, density, etc. Different than with traditional methods – the Data mining method relies on the existing database records. Users can set different search conditions to enlarge or narrow the data set to obtain increased accuracy and more reliable results.

The Data Mining method is available in every SWCC fitting algorithm in SVSOILS™. A valid Gravimetric Water Content (GWC) is the only prerequisite to use this method. When a user needs to estimate the SWCC from an unfamiliar soil, they can employ the data mining method with SVSOILS™ large database of high quality examples. This will yield significantly improved results.

SVSOILS Data Mining

The Data Mining method is available in the version 5.3 of SVOFFICE™5

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