Feature Focus

Produce even higher quality meshes with fewer nodes in a faster, more accurate and more reliable manner with our completely redesigned 3D tetrahedral meshing algorithm. Utilizing SVDESIGNER™ (our 3D modeling, geometry manipulation and visualization module) the user can transfer surface meshes into our other SVOFFICE™5 modules to produce larger and more complicated 3D tetrahedral meshes than ever before.

Major improvements to 3D meshing include:

  • As many as 5 times less nodes per model on average
  • Reliably insert plot points or nodes for rivers, anchors, wells, tunnels without failure.
  • Highly optimized element shapes with proper design
  • Improved geometric accuracy near region boundaries or with surface grids
  • NEW - Tools to automatically repair small gaps between Surfaces and Regions
  • NEW - Mesh refinement capabilities on regions/layer sidewalls
  • Improved solver convergence can be expected due to optimized meshes
  • Measurable decrease in mesh generation times
  • Improved error handling/reporting and progress messaging
  • Output boundary meshes and tetrahedral meshes to files for simplified viewing
  • NEW - Qualified flux section reporting with sidewall segment enforcement in the tetrahedral mesh
  • NEW – Enhanced handling of thin layers

Figure 1: Optimized Tetraheral Elements (Before & After)

Figure 2: Optimized mesh refinement (Before & After)

Figure 3: More accurate Region Boundary representation (Before & After)

Figure 4: Tailings Dam with Rivers - Using new meshing algorithm

Figure 5: Oroville Dam - Using new meshing algorithm

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