Feature Focus

All SVOFFICE™5 modules run from one integrated interface to help bring your project from raw data to a solution quickly and easily.

Professional Coupling

A number of software modules within our SVOFFICE™5/GT Professional Level products give you the capability to fully couple your models with other integrated software modules in the same product suite. Coupling allows the solution of multiple processes within the context of a single modeling problem. The coupling capabilities in SVOFFICE™5/GT are the most advanced of any particular geotechnical software suite. The following table provides a summary of each coupling, with the corresponding processes listed below. These couplings are available and benchmarked in the current release of SVOFFICE™5/GT. Please contact us to determine if any particular coupling is relevant to your particular application.

 Professional Combinations:
* Consolidation.

CouplingProcessesPhase Considered
SVFLUX™GE / SVSOLID™GT Small Strain Saturated Consolidation
Large Strain Saturated Consolidation
Water / Stress
Water / Stress

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