Feature Focus

SoilVision + sensemetrics

Dedicated to continually evolving our solutions, we are now importing sensemetric field data, to make it easier to create and solve numerical models.

Thanks to partners who are interested in combining leading technology, we can provide the Geotechnical Engineers the data they need in a more-efficient way.

How it works:

  1. Import Geometry
  2. Import Piezometer data
  3. Export SVSLOPE® Models
  4. Configure and Solve SVSLOPE® Models
  5. Visualize and Export Results

sensemetrics flowchart

Current users, please contact your Sales Engineer or Account Manager at either company for further information.  We are currently offering “one (1) site” free with the purchase of our Designer Slope 2D/3D Mining Bundle.

For more about sensemetrics: www.sensemetrics.com

For any questions or to request a quote...contact us.



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