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Have you heard about ContextCapture?

With ContextCapture, you can develop large 3D meshes of real-world topographies and civil structures utilizing photogrammetry. The technology has been utilized to create digital twins of portions of cities. The technology can be utilized to replicate topologies of geotechnical construction sites and is useful for 3D simulations of construction projects. Such topographies can be imported into SVDESIGNER™ in order to build complex 3D models for subsequent slope stability, stress/strain or seepage analysis.

SVDESIGNER™ was recently utilized to import a ContextCapture topology mesh to run an SVSLOPE® analysis. The analysis is shown in the following section.

Open Pit Stability Analysis Example

A ContextCapture open pit topography was imported into SVDESIGNER™ as an example (Figure 1). The imported topology was then given representative geostrata layers and then exported to SVSLOPE® as a fully formed 3D model. This allowed the stability of the site to be analyzed spatially using the multi-plane analysis (MPA) in SVSLOPE®. The resulting contours of site stability can be seen in the Figure 2.



Only the Beginning

SoilVision provides solutions for Geotechnical professionals who want to model and emulate real-world scenarios in mining, infrastructure and construction. Importing a ContextCapture mesh to world class geotechnological numerical modeling software is only a start. If you are interested in a similar situation, please contact us here.

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