Definition of Software Authorization Levels

The following definitions serve to clarify the various authorization levels which can be enabled for our software packages within the SVOFFICE™ suite.


STUDENT This is intended to be an evaluation-level authorization. This is the default (free) authorization level which is enabled when the software is first installed. Models can be opened and viewed but cannot be saved unless they are simple enough to meet the definition of a “student version” model. The STUDENT authorization level is designed to allow university students to solve simple numerical models for educational purposes. The STUDENT authorization level can also be utilized for evaluation of the software by consultants but cannot be utilized on consulting projects.


CLASSROOM authorization level is designed for professors wanting to authorize a group of students at the undergraduate or graduate level for instructional and teaching purposes. This version authorizes a STANDARD version of the SVSLOPE® software and a STANDARD version of all other finite element packages with a 2D cell limitation of 400.


STANDARD authorization level provides the most basic level authorization for a purchased version of the software. Mainstream features for this type of software are enabled. This version is intended for budget conscious users.


PRO authorization level provides more advanced research level features which are typically only available in the SVOFFICE™ suite of products. The professional version is required in order to do full coupling between software products.


The MINING authorization level provides for the rapid deployment of the very latest and cutting-edge features which are available in no other software package. The MINING authorization level is typically only available as an annual lease. This authorization level is typically reserved for the discerning user that wants it all.

Product Levels PDF

Definition of Software Licenses

The following definitions serve to clarify the various license types which can be used for the SVOFFICE™ suite. The various Software Authorization Levels can be applied to any of these license types. See the End User License Agreement (EULA) PDF for more details.

Machine License

A Machine License is used to lock an authorization to a specific computer. No physical hardware is used. It is most often used for Software trials.

Portable License

A Portable License is a USB Key licensed to allow a single user to use the Software directly on a specific computer. Remote connections are prevented. The USB Key can be transferred to any computer.

Network License

A Network License uses a USB Key. This type allows use the Software on a network, allowing the Software to be run by as many simultaneous users on as many computers as the Licensee has purchased seats. A seat represents permission for one (1) user to access the Software from the network at any one time.

End User License Agreement (EULA) PDF



Frequently Asked Questions

I have an existing USB security key, should I request my new software be put on this key?

Each local computer can have one SoilVision USB key only plugged into it. If one person expects to use all the programs purchased in their modelling (seepage, slope stability, soil database, etc.), we would recommend having all the programs tied to the one USB security key. Some professional version features, such as professional coupling and importing from SoilVision database, are only accessible when all programs are tied to the same USB key. If you have people in your office using the software simultaneously, who setup models which normally require only one program, then you might consider requesting that each program be put on a separate USB security key, or you might consider ordering a network key instead of a workstation key."

After payment, can I download the software electronically and use it immediately?

The software can be downloaded from our website and installed immediately. For full access to the software, you will require a license key. After payment we ship a fully authorized USB security key to you which gives you access to the full features of the software. If immediate access is required after purchase, please Contact Us."

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, wire transfers, and cheques drawn on a US Bank."

Do you offer discounts for educational institutions?

Yes, we offer a 40% discount on our commercial prices for educational institutions such as colleges and universities."

Do you offer discounts for ordering multiple copies of the same software program?

Yes, when you order multiple copies of the same software program we will apply the following formula: n^(3/4) where n equals the number of licenses purchased. This table lists the approximate discount prices:"

Number of licenses ordered 1 2 3 4 5
Discount (approximate) 0% 16% 24% 29% 33%

Where can I find out the difference between the Student, Standard, and Professional versions of the software?

Each of our product pages contains a detailed feature list that compares the features available for the Student, Standard, and Professional version of that product:"

Can we lease the software for a shorter length of time?

Yes. You can purchase an annual license for a lower cost than our perpetual license. Please refer to the annual license pricing chart, or contact us directly for more information."

What currency are your prices in?

Our prices are in US dollars."

How quickly can I get my software?

We will ship your software within 48 hours of receiving a completed paid order form, or a completed order form which includes a copy of the company's purchase order. Our orders are shipped through FedEx. Please refer to the FedEx website to determine how long it will take to ship to your area by ground or express."

Do you offer technical support?

Yes. Every product purchase includes three free months of technical support regarding setup and use of the product. If you would like to extend that technical support period and become eligible for free major version upgrades for your product, consider purchasing the maintenance program described below. We also provide consulting services if you require help with complex numerical modeling problems."

What does the maintenance program cover?

The maintenance program extends your initial free three months of technical support to a year. You can get additional help regarding setup and use of the software. For more details please refer to our maintenance program page."

Do you offer help with complex numerical modeling problems?

Yes! SoilVision has developed a reputation for its ability to solve difficult problems. Please refer to our consulting page for our services or contact us directly for a free consultation regarding your particular problem and to discuss what would be involved in working with us."

Do I qualify for an upgrade price?

Currently you qualify for an upgrade price if you have already purchased one of our SVOffice 2006 products and wish to upgrade to the same product in SVOffice 2009. This pricing can be found on our upgrade pricing page.

You can also upgrade your existing SVOffice 2009 products from 1D to 2D to 3D, or from Standard to Professional by paying the price difference between the two products."

Can I run the software on a network?

Yes. To run the software on a network, a special network dongle is required. The dongle is programmed for the number of users you would expect to use the software simultaneously. Please refer to our network pricing page for complete details. As an alternative, you can transport the standard dongle from computer to computer when a modeler will be using the program, which would limit you to one simultaneous use of the software."

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