Long-term Performance of Earth Covers


The long-term performance of earth covers is a crucial component to most remediation scenarios. In particular the long-term percolation through earth covers is critical to the successful closure. The majority of covers attempt to limit the ability of air and water to enter the covered material. The performance of such covers is highly dependent on the intricate balance between precipitation and evaporation and cannot be estimated with empirical or closed-form analytical solutions.


SVFlux™ offers climatic coupling using the Penman-Wilson formulation in order to provide an accurate account of the impact of climate on the subsurface flow regime. Solutions are available in 1D, 2D, and 3D. 1D solutions offer a quick and easy solution which may be run out for a period of 30, 50, or 100 years and result in a reasonable estimation of long-term cover performance.

A particular advantage to having SoilVision Systems Ltd. personnel run your numerical analysis is related to the ability to provide advanced probabilistic analysis. If an analysis is run and the answer is that 5% of precipitation percolates through a cover, the obvious question is “How certain are you of this number?”. SoilVision Systems Ltd. offers methodologies for quantifying the uncertainty in your soil cover analysis.

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