Slope Stability Analysis


One of the most common types of analysis performed by geotechnical engineers worldwide is the stability of slopes. The factor of safety for most designs must fall between 1.3 to 1.5 or higher to provide a reasonable level of confidence that a slope will not fail. The calculations for slope stability analysis are typically too difficult to perform by hand therefore limit equilibrium software is typically used to compute the factors of safety.


SVSLOPE® provides a comprehensive methodology for analyzing slopes. All the standard limit equilibrium methods such as Bishops, Morgenstern-Price, Spencer, and GLE are provided to the user. New stress-based methods are also provided to perform this type of analysis.

SIn addition to classical methods of slope stability analysis SoilVision Systems Ltd. offers the following technically advanced solutions:

  • 3-D Analysis: SoilVision Systems offers full three-dimensional slope stability analysis. The difference between a 2-D and 3-D analysis has been shown to be somewhere between 15 and up to 50% difference. A 3-D analysis represents a more rigorous analysis which can result in more optimized designs.
  • Advanced Probabilistic Analysis: SVSLOPE®2D implements the advanced APEM method as well as standard Monte Carlo methods. This allows solutions which have an extreme probabilistic aspect to be considered.
  • Spatial Variability: SVSLOPE®2D implements random fields which are a comprehensive way of managing potential spatial variability in a slope. The question “can a weak zone cause a potential failure condition?” can be answered with such an analysis.
  • : our software offers advanced noncircular methods of searching for slip surfaces. These methods have been proven in the context of mining problems to match physical reality very well. This searching method is based on a stress/deformation analysis and therefore offers more liberty in terms of stress states.

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