Software Changelog

  • NEW: Drape site photo onto model.
  • NEW: 3D Slope Search method added to SVSLOPE®.
  • NEW: Abiltity of save and restore Camera Views.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVDESIGNER™ road builder feature improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Toolbar to toggle top surface display.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Redesign of View menu to provide better control of legends, rules and axes.
  • FIX: Better support for Regional Settings (handling of decimal separator for some input/output files).
  • FIX: Various issues around remeshing of GT models.
  • FIX: SVSOILS™ grainsize improvements.
  • FIX: Variable name conflict when using the Density dependent option in SVCHEM™ and the Hydraulic Conductivity Anisotropy option in SVFLUX™ in the same model.
  • FIX: Use of River boundaries conditions in SVFLUX™ when using the Surface - Mesh option corrected.

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