Software Changelog

  • NEW: Spectral Psuedo-Static Method in SVSLOPE® allows dynamic clayey slope stability analysis.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Output of excess pwp contour of column base for SVSLOPE® based on B-bar method added.
  • IMPROVEMENT: HASP drivers updated to version 7.51.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVSLOPE® Boundaries menu is now called Loading.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVDESIGNER™ functionalities massively improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Stage construction dialog improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Creating unifrom support in SVSLOPE® improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Sensitivity graph improved.
  • FIX: Piezometric line display bug in YZ or SD view fixed.
  • FIX: Initial condition layer/region assignment bug fixed.
  • FIX: Calculation of excess pwp for SVSLOPE® based on B-bar method corrected for some loading cases.

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