Software Changelog

SVOFFICE™5 was recently updated with the following improvements, changes and bug fixes. We strongly recommend that you update your software to the most current version.

  • NEW: Added option to delete elements from a surface during carving that are outside the clipping surface in SVDESIGNER™.
  • NEW: Added support for graphing %Fines in SVSOILS™.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Live graphical preview of solver progress in SVSLOPE® 3D.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Project preview window in SVOFFICE™ Manager.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Model coupling dialog supports all solvers.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Updated 3D Search Method options in SVSLOPE® 3D.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Updated SVSLOPE® 3D to account for the no-strength material when displaying slip surface exit points.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVSOILS™ Data Mining display of all SWCC curves.
  • FIX: Review Boundary Condition in SVFLUX™GT transient models.
  • FIX: Representation of flux vectors along integer model boundaries in SVFLUX™GT.
  • FIX: Unit display issue for Precipitation graph on Precipitation Properties dialog in SVFLUX™.
  • FIX: Empty scene pane in SVDESIGNER™ when grid saved without a layer name.
  • FIX: Handled some cases in generating a pond, if pond was not bounded on all sides in SVDESIGNER™.
  • FIX: Display of Range plots on deformed meshes in Large Strain Consolidation.
  • FIX: Display of slip trials in SD View of SVSLOPE® 3D.
  • FIX: Editing of slope limits required model Save first in SVSLOPE®.
  • FIX: Print to PDF was broken in v5.3.00.
  • FIX: Material assignment using the context menus now supports Undo/Redo.

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