Software Changelog

SVOFFICE™5 was recently updated with the following improvements, changes and bug fixes. We strongly recommend that you update your software to the most current version.

  • NEW: 3D SVSLOPE® now supports user-defined non-planar bedding analysis.
  • NEW: SVDESIGNER™ now supports basic material objects; volume layers can be assigned materials as “placeholders” for later material parameter assignment in models.
  • NEW: SVDESIGNER™ can now compute filling curves.
  • NEW: SVDESIGNER™ can now generate depositional surfaces from user-defined filling scenarios.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Several new tutorials available to users.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Meshing quality improvements in all 3D models, including better meshing along sidewalls, region boundaries and specialized object types such as rivers and flux sections.
  • IMPROVEMENT: More mesh refinement options added.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVDESIGNER™ performance improvements when working with large numbers of objects.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Surface volume calculation speed improvements.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Better SVDESIGNER™ polyline geometry tools.
  • IMPROVEMENT: More robust ESRI shape file import support.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVDESIGNER™ can now import multiple files of the same type in one step.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Various display objects now highlight more consistently.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Various SVSLOPE® MPA display improvements.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Model coordinate accuracy increased to 9 decimal places (formerly 3).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Angle of anisotropy, slice base midpoint now included in 3D SVSLOPE® output.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved ellipsoid surface inclusion and rejection when solving 3D SVSLOPE® models.
  • MPROVEMENT: Option to exclude suctions based on a discrete points pore-water pressure input when solving SVSLOPE® models.
  • IMPROVEMENT: 3D SVSLOPE® documentation updated clarifying various angle interpretations.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Water tables and iso-surfaces now support export to file or clipboard.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Better Art Canvas manager functions are now available.
  • FIX: Fixed ALM material equation error introduced in 5.3.05 (also affects 5.3.06).
  • FIX: Manager interface now correctly displays the version number and last-modified date of all model files, after scanning projects.
  • FIX: Corrected automatic FEHM solver download link.
  • FIX: Hid boundary condition options appearing in a Consolidation analysis, that are only available to an SVFLUX™ analysis.

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